Jack Smith's Famous

Victorian Bathroom

When you have children, the quietest place to read in the house is usually the bathroom.    Curtis B. Smith, 2006

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Jack had a collection of engravings and other art from the Victorian era that he displayed in his bathroom.  The collection was the subject of many of his columns through the years and the bathroom became known to thousands of his readers as "Jack Smith's Victorian bathroom".  We present them here for your enjoyment.

Click on each thumbnail photo to view a larger version of it.

The Coronation - 28th June 1838

Marriage of the Queen and Prince Albert,

10th February 1840

Souvenir Portrait of Her Most Gracious Majesty Queen Victoria, Empress of India

Presented with "The Gentlewoman".

From a Photograph by Walery, Regent St.

H.R.H. Albert-Edward, Prince of Wales

The Commonwealth of Nations - or the British Empire

Includes quotes by Milton and Emerson

Published by the Christian Science Monitor, April 22, 1937

The 13th Bengal Lancers

Artist: H. Bunnett

The 79th - Queen's Own Cameron Highlanders

Artist: Frank Teller

The 35th - Royal Sussex

Artist: Frank Teller

15th Sikhs

Artist: H. Bunnett

The Bombay Artillery

Artist: H. Bunnett

Commemorative Creamer -

Coronation 1937

H.M. King George VI

H.M. Queen Elizabeth